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Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic Components

Sumo Logic is comprised of just a few components: Sumo Logic Collectors and Sources, the Sumo Logic Cloud, and the Sumo Logic Web Application.

A Collector is a small application that gathers log data from your servers and sends it to the Sumo Logic Cloud. Using the Sumo Logic Web Application, you can interact with and analyze your data in the cloud in real time.

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Sumo Logic Collectors and Sources

Sumo Logic Installed Collectors receive data from one or more Sources. Collectors collect raw log data, compress it, encrypt it, and send it to the Sumo Cloud, in real time. A single Sumo Logic Collector can collect up to 15,000 events per second or more and has fault tolerance during network or service outages. If you'd like to collect non-traditional machine data, a Script Source or Script Action provide a great deal of flexibility to collect files.

Sumo Logic Hosted Collectors collect data uploaded from Amazon S3 Sources, allowing you to move objects from your organization's S3 bucket directly into Sumo Logic.

Sumo Logic Cloud

The Sumo Logic Cloud is a secure, scalable repository for all of your operations, security, compliance, development, and other log data. The Sumo Logic Cloud stores, indexes, parses, and analyzes data, and provides unlimited horsepower with elastic scalability.

Sumo Logic Web Application

The Sumo Logic Web Application allows you to view and analyze your log data in the cloud. With a powerful and intuitive search capability, you can use the web application to expedite functions like forensic analysis, troubleshooting, and system health checks. The Sumo Logic Web Application provides access from anywhere since it is fully browser based. It also provides all required administration tools for managing your installation. This includes tools for administration, checking system status, managing your deployment, and direct access to download and activate Collectors.