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Sumo Logic

Help Documentation Styles

Sumo Logic Help uses the following document text conventions. 

Code Blocks

Code Font

Search syntax, queries, parameters, and filenames are displayed in Regular Code Font

Required and optional arguments

A required argument is wrapped in angle brackets < >.
An optional argument is wrapped in square brackets [ ].


| parse [field=<field_name>] "<start_anchor>*<stop_anchor>" as <field> [nodrop]

The required arguments are <start_anchor>, <stop_anchor>, and <field>.
The optional arguments are [field=<field_name>] and the [nodrop] option. 

One or more arguments

An argument that can be specified more than once has an ellipsis ... to indicate where you may add additional arguments.


concat(<field1>, <field2>[, <field3>, ...]) as <field> 

Bold text

Bold text denotes elements of the user interface that you interact with. For example:

  1. Go to Manage > Collection.
  2. Click Upgrade Collectors.

(For menu cascades, we use the > symbol.)

We also use bold text for the following items:

  • Keywords
  • File names


We use a few different types of notes to bring attention to important points.