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Sumo Logic

Certification FAQs

FAQs on all seven Sumo Logic Certifications



Why should I get certified?

Certified users are taking advantage of more Sumo Logic features, not only getting more value out of their investment, but also creating more efficient and performant queries.

Where's the certification page?

The certification page is available in the Sumo Logic service by clicking Certification along the top of the Home tab.

We also have more information on certifications on our external site:

What certifications do we offer?

We currently offer these certifications

  • Fundamentals (Formerly "Level 1: Sumo Pro User") 
    • Certified Users possess broad knowledge around analyzing logs and metrics and have familiarity with the Sumo Logic service related to simple data searching, filtering, parsing and analyzing. Certified users can use Apps for out-of-the-box content that monitors their data, identifies trends, and keeps their users on top of critical events.
  • Search Mastery (Formerly "Level 2: Sumo Power User") 
    • Certified Users exhibit deep technical knowledge on how to analyze and correlate their logs and metrics to easily identify those critical events that are important to their organizations. In addition to taking advantage of out-of-the-box content, Certified Sumo Power Users can build Dashboards and Alerts for their custom apps, unlocking the power of Sumo Logic to analyze, measure and monitor the health of their environments.
  • Metrics Mastery 
    • Certified Users exhibit deep technical knowledge on how to analyze and correlate their logs and metrics to easily identify those critical events that are important to their organizations. Build on the knowledge gained in Fundamentals to do more in-depth analysis with metrics. Identify critical events with ease and create the dashboards and alerts necessary to monitor your environment.
  • Administration (Formerly "Level 3: Sumo Power Admin")  
    • Certified users become technical experts on setting up, managing and optimizing their Sumo Logic solution. In addition to securing and managing their Sumo Logic environment, they can design and deploy a data collection strategy that fits their infrastructure. Keeping an eye on the pulse of their usage, they can also optimize data querying to fit their searching patterns.
  • Security Analytics (Formerly "Sumo Security Power User")
    • Certified Users exhibit deep technical knowledge on how to analyze and correlate their logs to easily identify critical events and trends that are important to the security of their organizations. In addition to taking advantage of out-of-the-box Security Analytics content, Certified Sumo Security Power Users can build custom content using Sumo Logic’s Threat Intelligence to match IOCs like IP address, domain names, URL, email addresses and more, to increase velocity and accuracy of threat detection.
  • Advanced Metrics with Kubernetes 
    • Certified users swiftly navigate through their Kubernetes cluster name spaces, services, nodes, and deployments. They quickly master Kubernetes for their organization with Sumo Logic from alerts and dashboards to customized templates to address key use cases.

Do I have to take the certifications in order?

No, but we highly recommend passing the examination for Fundamentals (formerly Level 1) before continuing onto any other certifications.

What can I do to prepare for the exams?

It depends on how you like to learn. We have:

  • Instructor-led options:
  • Self-paced option:
    • Learn on your own time at your own pace at no cost to you. Lesson recordings and labs are accessible in Sumo Logic using the certification page as indicated in the image below. Once you understand the materials in the lesson recordings and have conducted the labs, you should be ready for the exam.


What are the exams like?

All certifications have an online 60-minute 30-question examination. Most questions are multiple choice, and most people finish in 30 minutes on average. You're required to answer 75% of the questions correctly to get certification. You are free to take the exam whenever and wherever you like at no cost to you. Exams are open-book, open-note, and open-internet. You are encouraged to use our documentation site during the exam. You have three attempts to pass an exam. Questions may be different and reordered on subsequent attempts. If you fail all three attempts, you may send an email to We can reset your attempts on a case-by-case basis. 

How do I take an exam?

Exams are accessible through the certification page in Sumo Logic by clicking Take the Exam for the corresponding certification.

Image of location of certification page in Sumo Logic

Once you access our exam environment, click Start Course, then Start test.

Image of Start Course and Start Test buttons in learning environment

Why am I having trouble accessing the exam environment?

You may be having trouble accessing the exam environment for a variety of reasons. Those reasons and their corresponding remedies can be found here

When do certifications expire?

Level 1 Sumo Power User certification will expire two years after being issued. All other certification will expire after one year. You will receive two email notifications about expiration: One when your certification is 30 days from expiration, and another when your certification expires.  

How do I view/download my certificate or share my certification to LinkedIn?

Upon passing the exam, you will be given the option to download a PDF of your certificate or share your certification to LinkedIn. Here's how:

1. In Sumo Logic, navigate to Home > Certifications, and select the Take the Exam button for the certification you’ve already earned.

2. Select Go to Course.

Image of Got to Course button

3. Click the Trophy icon in the top right corner.

Image of Trophy icon

4. You should see a window that says “Congratulations”. Select Download certificate to download a PDF of your certification, or Share certificate to share on LinkedIn. When adding to LinkedIn, for Credential ID, use the Unique Identifier at the bottom right of your certificate.

Image of buttons to download or share certifications