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Sumo Logic

DocHub Features

DocHub has a lot of useful advanced features to help you get the most out of your experience. Make sure to create an account and log in to see them all. Here's a walkthrough of all the best features. 


  1. DocHub Home. Click the Sumo Logic logo to return to the DocHub home page. 
  2. Search. Enter a keyword to search for topics on any Sumo Logic feature. 
  3. Request Support. Click Request Support to log a ticket with Sumo Logic Support. 
  4. Release Notes. Provides a link to the Release Notes, which details all the latest Sumo Logic Application and Collector updates. 
  5. Community. Go to Community to collaborate with other Sumo Logic users for tips and tricks and help with issues.
  6. Free Trial. Click Free Trial to sign up for a Sumo Logic Free account. 
  7. Your Name/Sign in. If you are logged into DocHub, you will see your name. Select to go to the DocHub Preferences menu, or Sign Out. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to sign in, or create a new account. 
  8. Table of Contents. When you are logged into DocHub, the Table of Contents displays to show you where you are in the site navigation. Click a heading to go directly to that topic. To show or hide a section, click the blue arrow to the left of the heading. 
  9. Generate a PDF. If you are logged into DocHub, you can generate a PDF of any topic to read offline. 
  10. Share Topic. Click the share icon to share the topic via Facebook, Twitter, or Tumbler. 
  11. Topic Table of Contents. When a DocHub topic has many sections, you can open the Topic Table of Contents to see a convenient list of headings. Click the heading to navigate to a section. 

  12. Back to top. At the bottom of the page, click to return to the top of the article.  
  13. Was this article helpful? If you are logged into DocHub, you can rate a topic by voting Yes or No
  14. Recommended articles. DocHub automatically suggests related articles that might interest you next. 
  15. Leave feedback. Found a typo or a broken link? Let us know! If you are logged into DocHub, click Leave feedback to contact the Sumo Logic Documentation team directly with details on how we can improve. Then click Submit feedback
  16. Previous Topic/Next Topic. Read DocHub like a book by using the previous and next topic navigation links at the bottom of the page.