• 500MB of data volume daily.
  • Data uploaded to the Sumo Logic Cloud are only retained for seven days.
  • A maximum of three users.

For more information, see Sumo Logic Account Usage.

To get started using Sumo Logic with your company's data:

  1. Visit the Sumo Logic website, click Free Trial, enter your email address, select your location, and select Free.

  2. Log into the Sumo Logic Web Application using your account credentials.

  3. Use the Setup Wizard to install and configure your first Sumo Logic Collector and Source.

After configuring your first Collector and Source, check the Status page to see messages arriving from your Collector. Then, explore the Search page to begin searching and analyzing your data set. 

Once you're ready to upgrade, you can set up an account that meets your ongoing needs. Just contact us if you need any help, and we'd be happy to assist!