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Create Subfolders to Organize and Share Content

Your Personal folder is the root folder for all your saved content. Within the Personal folder, you can create subfolders to organize your content.

Then, for example, you could publish a subfolder, and know that all content in this subfolder is now available to your organization.

This topic will show you how to create subfolders in your Personal (root) folder, create new subfolders, organize your saved content by moving it into the subfolders, and publish a subfolder.

Create Subfolders

  1. Create a subfolder by clicking New Folder in your Personal folder.
  2. In the Add Folder dialog, enter My Apps, and click Add
    The new subfolder is added to the folder list.

Move Content into Subfolders

Now you can organize your saved content in the new subfolders.

  1. From your Personal folder, select the item you want to move. Click the details icon and select Move.
  2. In the Move Item dialog, select your desired folder and click Move.
  3. Do the same for any other Apps you have installed. They will be moved and then appear under the My Apps folder.
  4. Now move any searches or Dashboards that deal with errors into the new Errors subfolder. (You can tell what the list items are from their icons: a search uses a magnifying glass icon, a Dashboard uses a picture icon, and an App uses a folder icon.) 

When your saved content is organized, you’ll need to click the subfolder to view its contents in the list on the right.

Share All Subfolder Content

If want to share the apps you have installed in order to share them with your organization, you can share your entire MyApps folder. This way, any app that you install in the future to this subfolder would be automatically published and shared with your team.

To publish a subfolder:

  1. Select MyApps, click the details icon.
  2. Click Share.
  3. The Share Folder dialog appears. Choose Your organization to share with. Anyone in your org will be able to see this folder.
  4. Click Save. The MyApps folder is added to the Org folder, in a subfolder labeled with your name. Now everyone in your organization can access your published content.

In the future, any Apps that you install in this published folder will be automatically published.

If you want to create a folder hierarchy, create the desired hierarchical subfolders and publish the topmost folder. All subfolders will be published with the parent folder.