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Sumo Logic

Lab 3 - Create a Query to Visualize Metrics

This lab teaches you how to start a metrics query and become more familiar with the metrics interface.
  1. To visualize your data, click New in the tab bar and select Metrics.

  2. To view CPU_LoadAvg_15min for all hosts, run the following query:



  1. View the Legend tab to see all Tags (metadata) for all plotted metrics


    If your graph shows several metrics plotted notice how _sourceCategory and _Collector are different for each metric. This is because several users might have uploaded the same CPU_LoadAvg_15min metric from each of their hosts.

  2. To view the metric for your host only, run the following:

_sourceCategory=hostmetrics/<your_name> metric=CPU_LoadAvg_15min


Note: to identify your own metric there are other options (i.e _source); however a best practice would be to use _sourceCategory.

  1. To compare your metric to the average value for all hosts, create a new metric in the space below with the following query:

 _sourceCategory=hostmetrics/* metric=CPU_LoadAvg_15min | avg