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Sumo Logic

Lab 4 - Install Host Metrics App

This lab teaches you how to install the Host Metrics App from the App Catalog.

Now, let's take advantage of Sumo Logic's out-of-the-box content. 

  1. Click App Catalog in the left nav.

  2. Enter Host in the search field to show the app.

  3. Click Host Metrics to open its app page, and click Add to Library.

  4. The dialog box that opens includes options to choose the folder where you install the app and to select a category for your data source.

  5. Let's keep the folder as the default (Personal).

  6. For the Host Metrics data source, select _sourceCategory, and use hostmetrics/<your_name>

Defining an appropriate source category will let you zero in on your data anytime by specifying the source in your query.

  1. Click Add to Library to confirm your selections and add the app to the library.

  2. The library page reopens to show the dashboards included in the app.


  3. Double-click any of the dashboards to open it and display the data.


    You've now visualized host metrics data and have the Host Metrics app dashboards.

  4. Review Host Metrics App content:

    • Open the Host Metrics - Overview Dashboard

    • Drill into the Overall Average CPU Load (1m, 5m, 15m) by clicking on icon shown below


Notice how you can have multiple queries in one same chart. You can toggle on/off each of the queries to add/remove its results from the chart.