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This is an introduction to the hands on labs provided as a supplement to the Security Analytics certification.

Hands-on Labs: Security & Compliance Analytics

These labs will provide you hands-on experience with Sumo Logic's Continuous Intelligence Platform, where you will learn basic Security Operations Center (SOC) detect, investigate, and respond using advanced search operators to analyze your logs. One outcome of this course will be creating an SOC dashboard that you can export for your own environment.

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Many organizations spend most of their time in managing the security tools rather than managing the security incidents itself. Sumo Logic Out-of-the-box apps aims at helping our customers to set up the tool quickly, aligning with industry’s best practices, and help with prioritizing the right use cases so that customers can see value from it quickly.

Effective organizations can easily identify, prevent and dispatch of known threats using a signature-based solution – and complement this technique with behavior-based solutions in order to catch the unknown threats a signature-based solution may miss. The following labs apply use cases that help detect and alert on modern cyber attacks in real time, enabling a faster response to mitigate and remediate the impact.

Accessing the Training Environment

These labs are meant to be done in our Training environment using curated sample data. However, you are welcome to use your own environment by editing the query samples to fit your data and metadata.

To access the Sumo Logic Training environment, follow Training Environment Access.pdf.

Once you have access, click the "Lab 1" navigation link along the bottom of this page. This is the primary means to navigate between labs as you progress.