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Sumo Logic

Lab 19 - Installing the AWS CloudTrail App

This lab teaches you how to install the AWS CloudTrail App.
Sumo Logic Apps allow you to take advantage of out-of-the-box-content, providing you with popular queries and Dashboards for common data Sources.


  1. In the App Catalog, search for the AWS CloudTrail app

  2. Once selected, click Add to Library

  3. For _sourceCategory, select Labs/AWS/CloudTrail

  4. As a best practice, create a new folder named Apps. Later on, you can share the entire folder and its content.

  5. Add the AWS CloudTrail app to your new folder in your Library.

  6. Now view your new Dashboards in your Personal/Apps/AWS CloudTrail folder. This new folder includes all pre-built queries and Dashboards for that source.

  7. Review the new content, both queries and dashboards.

  8. Notice that you can click on any Dashboard panel to view the query behind it. If you make changes to the query, you can always click Update Dashboard to save your changes to the original dashboard.

  9. If you want to share this content with other users, from the Library, select the AWS CloudTrail folder. Clicking on the 3 stacked dots to the right opens a menu of actions, including Share.