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Lab 14 - Relating your metrics and logs

This lab teaches you how to relate your logs and metrics on the same chart using unified logs and metrics.
Metrics allow you to identify symptoms in your environment (WHAT is going on?). Relevant logs help you identify the cause (WHY is this happening?). Looking at our failed bookings from Lab 14, let's take a look at the relevant logs to identify why we have failed bookings.


  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 for Lab 14 to identify counts of successful booking and failed bookings for your travel website.

Image of metrics syntax

  1. To overlay your metrics with the relevant logs, enter this log query as depicted below:

_sourceCategory=training/travel/checkout error

Image of metrics view

  1. Notice the orange bars at the top. The darker the bar, the larger the number of logs containing the word ERROR. Click the bar to view the relevant logs in this same screen. Shift+click to view logs in a Log Search screen.