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Sumo Logic

Self-Paced Training - Fundamentals Beta Access

Self-paced training on how to use Sumo Logic fundamentals.

What is this?

This Beta course is designed to teach a new user how to use Sumo Logic. At the end of the course you should be prepared to take and pass the Fundamentals certification examination (Formerly referred to as Sumo Pro User Level 1) and become Sumo Certified.

What can I expect?

This course is expected to take roughly 3 hours to complete, so please budget your time accordingly. It doesn’t need to be completed all at once. You can expect a better list of expectations when you access the course.   

The hope is you provide quality feedback about the self paced program so we can use it to teach Sumo Logic to users who have never had experience working with Sumo or even have a technical background. In addition, you yourself will learn the fundamentals of using Sumo Logic. 

How do I access this self-paced course? 

Follow the steps below:

  1. Access a Sumo Logic environment you’d like to link your course progress to. This should be your company-issued account. Navigate to the home tab, then Certifications

  2. Click Take the Exam for any certification level. It doesn’t matter which one since this step is just getting you access to the learning environment (known as our “LMS” or Learning Management System).

  3. When you access the description page, click Home in the top left corner.image2.png

  4. Click Join Group. You will be prompted to enter your group key.

  5. Enter the group key: yEPcZSSEG

  6. Click Join Group. You should be forwarded to a course catalog screen where the Fundamentals Self-Paced Beta course should now be visible.

  7. Click on the  Preview Fundamentals Self-Paced Course. If you do not see the course at this step, reach out to Kevin Kerlan at and he will troubleshoot the issue.

  8. Click Start course.

  9. If done correctly, you should be forwarded to the beginning of the course starting with a page stating “Welcome, [your name]!” 

If you don’t see this, again feel free to reach out to Kevin Kerlan (

This set of directions is the way you can access the course between sessions as you progress. You won’t have to re-enter a group code, but you will need to ensure you’re logged into our LMS through the “take the exam” button from your company-issued environment (not the training environment you will eventually get access to as a part of the course).

How do I give feedback?

You will see opportunities to submit ‘check in’ surveys to leave more broad feedback as you progress through the course.

We’re looking for all types of feedback, including:

  • Style

  • Typos

  • Format

  • Grammar

  • Visual Design

  • Overall Experience

  • Technical Accuracy

  • Instructional Design

If you need help with technical issues going through the course, reach out to Kevin at Let us know how we did so we can enable more people to yield the power of Sumo Logic!