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Sumo Logic


This page gives an introduction hands-on labs for Using Sumo Logic, and directions on how complete them.

Hands-on Labs: Using Sumo Logic

These labs will provide you hands-on experience with Sumo Logic, where you will learn basic and advanced search operators to analyze your logs and metrics.

Accessing the Training Environment

These labs are meant to be done in our Training environment using curated sample data. However, you are welcome to use your own environment by editing the query samples to fit your data and metadata.

To access the Sumo Logic Training environment, send an email to, with the subject line: Request administrator account and you will get an email back within a business day with your login credentials.  Simply click on the link of the email and it will take you to the training environment.  

Once you have access, click the "Lab 1" navigation link along the bottom of this page. This is the primary means to navigate between labs.