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Sumo Logic

Lab 4: Install an App and View Data

In  Lab 1 of the Set Up Sumo Logic tutorial, you installed a collector on a local machine, and in Lab 2, you added a source so that Sumo Logic can ingest the log messages from the apache_access_logs_tutorial.txt file that you downloaded. 

Now let's dive in and start taking a look at your data. The best way to get started querying, visualizing and analyzing your data is to install a Sumo Logic app.  Sumo Logic apps deliver out-of-the-box dashboards, saved searches, and field extraction for popular data sources. With an app, you can start exploring your data source within minutes.

To view the Apache Access data from your source, let's first install the Apache app.

Install the Apache app

Click App Catalog in the left nav.

Enter Apache in the search field, and press Return to show the matching apps

Double-click Apache to open its app page, and click Add to Library.


The dialog box that opens includes options to choose the folder where you install the app and to select a category for your data source.

Let's keep the folder as the default (Personal). You have the ability to alter the name of App, but let's name it Apache Access. This App name will be necessary to reference in the Using Sumo Logic Tutorial later.

For the log data source, select Source Categories, and select the source category prod/apache/access. This is how you map your Apache data to the out-of-the-box Apache content.

Click Add to Library to confirm your selections and add the app to the library.


Check out the app

Now that the app is created, let’s see what it contains. Click Personal on the left nav or on the Library page, and double-click the Apache folder.

Notice that the app includes many predefined saved searches and dashboards.


Let’s open a dashboard. Scroll down to the Apache - Overview dashboard and double-click. The dashboard opens to show panels that are already created for you.


If you don't see data in the panels, it's probably because the date that you set when you downloaded and modified the apache_access_logs_tutorial.txt file in Part 1, doesn't match the date range in the dashboard. You can change the date range in the dashboard, or edit the apache_access_logs_tutorial.txt file on your local machine.  


Congratulations! You’ve installed the Apache app to see results from your source.

Share the app

Now you can share the app with others in your organization so they can see the dashboards and saved searches for the Apache Access app. 

Click Personal, if necessary, to return to your personal folder in the library.

Putting your cursor over the folder icon the icon changes to a checkbox.  Click the checkbox icon of the app in the library once to display its details pane.


Select Share from the dotted menu.

Select Your organization, and click Save

Now others in your organization will see the Apache Access app when they select the Org folder in the library.

We’ve been working with the Apache app, but many more apps are available. See Applications and Other Data Sources.