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Sumo Logic

Compare Installed and Hosted Collectors

Depending on the method you'd like to collect logs, and the types of logs you'd like to collect, Sumo Logic has two types of Collectors you can choose from.

  • Installed on a system within your deployment locally or remotely.
  • Give you direct access to your Source logs.
  • Easy to troubleshoot.
  • Easy to manage.
  • Use a small footprint on Sources.
  • Can be configured with any of multiple Source Types
  • Hosted by Sumo Logic. Agentless: no software to install or activate on a system in your deployment.
  • AWS Sources are built into your existing S3 infrastructure.
  • HTTP Sources use direct HTTP POST.

Comparing ingestion when files are changed

When a file is updated, the way it is ingested depends on the type of Collector:

  • With installed Collectors, Sumo Logic is able to ingest only the new data. For example, if Sumo Logic ingests a log file with 25 lines, and then additional messages are added to the file, the next ingestion will start at line 26.
  • With S3 hosted Collectors, an ingested file is treated as a single object and is not expected to be updated or appended with new data. If an existing file is updated in any way, it is considered to be a new object and is ingested again in full. Update of existing objects on S3 sources can result in duplicate messages, depending on the nature of the update.
  • Treatment of other hosted Collectors is based on customer configuration.