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Sumo Logic

Configure a Hosted Collector

Steps to configure a Hosted Collector

  1. In Sumo Logic select Manage Data > Collection > Collection.
  2. Click Add Collector.
  3. Click Hosted Collector.
  4. In the Add Collector dialog box, type a Name for the Collector as well as an optional DescriptionCategory, Assign to a Budget, and Time Zone.
    • Assign to a Budget allows you to assign an ingest budget to the Collector. The drop-down displays your ingest budgets in the following format:

      <budget name> (<field value>) (<allocated capacity>)

  5. Review your input and when finished click Save.


After the Collector has been set up, it appears on the Collection page as a Hosted Collector.

Collector_types_ hosted.png 

Next Step: Configure a Source

Once you have configured your Hosted Collector, the next step is to configure Sources. 

For instructions, go to Sources, and click the link Sources for Hosted Collectors