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Sumo Logic

Collector Installation Error Messages

For additional information, see Collector Management API.

Error Message Troubleshooting Steps

Unable to start Sumo Logic Collector service

  • This happens when the Collector installer is unable to set up the Sumo Logic Collector as a service and then successfully run it.
  • Verify that no previous installation exists. Delete previous installation directories manually if necessary.
  • Verify that you are running the Collector as root (run it as sudo on Unix) / Administrator.
  • Read the logs under $SUMO_INSTALL_DIRECTORY/.install4j/installation.log. for more information

An unknown error occurred while attempting to reach Sumo Logic. Please try again

This happens when the Collector installer is unable to successfully reach Sumo Logic to translate a customer's username and password to obtain a one-time registration token.

  • Verify Internet connectivity / proxy / URL settings are correct.
  • Attempt to access the appropriate Sumo endpoint manually.

It's taking longer than expected to register your Collector with Sumo Logic. Please check your settings and try again.

This happens when the Installer has successfully installed the Collector, but the Collector has not yet been able to register with Sumo Logic.

  • Verify Internet connectivity / proxy / URL settings are correct (as above).
  • Verify that the Service is up (visit for more information)
  • Read the logs under $SUMO_INSTALL_DIRECTORY/logs/collector.log and collector.out.log for more information.

Startup failed: Timed out waiting for a signal from the JVM

The Tanuki wrapper that starts the Collector application uses ports 31000 - 32000 to start up the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). If these ports are unavailable because they are bound to other applications or are disabled due to firewall configuration, the JVM or the Collector fails to start up.

To solve the problem, update the firewall settings or update the port range to a different unused port range as follows.

  1. Edit <sumo_install_dir>/config/wrapper.conf add the following lines to the end of the file:
wrapper.jvm.port.min=<min_port_number>  # default 31000
wrapper.jvm.port.max=<max_port_number> #default 31999
wrapper.port=<some_port_number> #default 32000
  1. Restart the collector from the Sumo Logic installation directory:
    sudo ./collector restart
  2. Verify that the collector is using the correct port:
    ps -ef| grep coll   ## Linux example


Make sure your credentials are correct. Verify your username/password or access ID/access key combination by logging into Sumo Logic or using the Collector Management API.


  • Make sure your credentials are correct.
  • Try again in 1 minute.


Visit The Service might be undergoing maintenance. Try again in a few minutes.


Attempt to register a Collector when a Customer's account is disabled or their ingestion is disabled. Fixing this requires an account change in Zuora.


Make sure your credentials are correct. Verify your access ID/access key combination by logging into Sumo Logic or using the Collector Management API.


Due to multi-account support, if the same e-mail address is used on multiple accounts, it cannot be used to register a Collector.

Instead, you must use an access ID/access key to register the Collector.


The user is not authorized to modify the specified Collector. The user account must have the Collector Management or Admin role to be able to create a Collector.