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Sumo Logic

Setup Wizard

The Setup Wizard allows you to get data in your Sumo Logic account quickly. It guides you step-by-step based on the type of data you want to send. Once data collection is running, the Setup Wizard installs a Sumo Logic App with pre-configured Dashboards that allow you to analyze your data. The Setup Wizard also provides detailed instructions to help you with each step of the configuration.

Before you begin, sign up for a Sumo Logic account and activate it.

To open the Setup Wizard, select Manage Data > Collection > Collection and click the Setup Wizard link in the Sumo Logic web app.

Next, select one of two Setup Wizard experiences:

Setup Wizard (1).png

  • Upload Files. Upload a static local file to try Sumo Logic’s features without configuring a Source or Collector.
  • Set Up Streaming Data. Set up live log data by configuring a Source and Collector for your data type.