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Sumo Logic

Troubleshoot Setup Wizard Issues

If you are having trouble installing a Collector and configuring a Source using the Setup Wizard, check the following issues.

"Waiting for the Collector Installation" Message and Spinner

If you see the message "Waiting for the Collector Installation", the spinner never resolves, and the Continue button never becomes active, a previously installed Collector may be preventing the new installation.

You will need to uninstall the old Collector manually, then try to install a new Collector again. Steps on installing and uninstalling based on the operating system the Collector is run on can be found in the following links,

"It looks like you haven't activated your account..."

When you sign up for a Sumo Logic Trial account, the system automatically sends you an activation email. To activate your new account, go to your email, click the Activate Now link, then complete and submit the activation form. When you complete this process, the Setup Wizard is displayed in a new tab.

But if you return to the Setup Wizard in your original tab, you may see a blocking overlay that displays the message “It looks like you haven’t activated your account…” on some pages.

If you see this message, and you have already activated your account, just click the refresh button in your browser window. Your account will be activated in the original tab, and the overlay will be removed.

Otherwise, make sure to activate your account using the Sumo Logic activation email.

"We are unable to ingest the data from the source you specified."

When using the Upload Files option from the Setup Wizard it creates a Hosted Collector with the name "File Uploads". If a Hosted Collector with the same name already exists the Setup Wizard will use the existing Collector. 

Upload Files only works if no other Sources are running on the "File Uploads" Collector. The "File Uploads" Collector can only process one Source at a time. 

Do not add Sources to the "File Uploads" Collector, reserve it for the Setup Wizard.