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Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic OpenTelemetry Distribution

OpenTelemetry is the future of agent-based collection for Sumo Logic and OpenTelemetry Distro is our next generation collector built on OpenTelemetry. It provides a single unified agent to send Logs, Metrics, Traces, and Metadata for Observability to Sumo Logic.

See the OT Distro GitHub repository for detailed instructions on how to configure and migrate your existing collection.


The Collection page provides links to download the Sumo Logic OpenTelemetry Distro Collector (OT Distro).

  1. Navigate to Manage Data > Collection and select the Collection tab. On the top right of the page click Add Collector.


  2. Select Sumo Logic's Distribution of OpenTelemetry.


  3. Then select the download link for the operating system you're going to install it on.