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Sumo Logic

Use a URL to Run a Search

You can create a custom URL, manually or programmatically, to launch a specific search query in Sumo Logic from another application. This search query URL must use a specific time range.

To create a custom search query URL, use this format:


  • <endpoint> is the URL of your Sumo Logic account endpoint. See Sumo Logic Endpoints and Firewall Security for the endpoint URLs.  
  • <start> is the milliseconds since epoch that represents the start of your query time range. 
  • <end> is the milliseconds since epoch that represents the end of your query time range. 
  • <urlEncodedQuery> is the text of your search query in URL encoded format.

Let’s create a URL for the following search query:

test query | count by _source

Using this time range:

Feb 26 2014 13:58:11 to Feb 26 2014 13:58:21 GMT-0800 (PST)

The custom URL that launches this search query in the Sumo Logic Search page would be similar to the following. The exact URL would depend on your Sumo Logic account endpoint, as listed in Sumo Logic Endpoints and Firewall Security.,1393451901051@test%20query%20%7C%20count%20by%20_source