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Sumo Logic


You can save, share, and manage Searches, Dashboards, Apps, and other Sumo Logic content in the Library. The Library also allows you to launch searches and Dashboards with a single click—speeding up access to the searches you find yourself running consistently. Additionally, you can use the content that others in your organization have already developed to continually discover new insights in your data.

Open the Library page to expose additional search options and to organize and manage Library contents.

To open the Library page, click the Library (folder) icon at the top of the UI.

library 01.png

You'll see two choices:

  • Personal lets you see your own saved searches and dashboards
  • Org lets you see searches and dashboards shared by others in your organization.

Once you've made your choice of what you want to see, you can enter a string in the Search bar to display matching search results.

library 03.png