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Sumo Logic

Troubleshooting Live Tail

No messages appear in a Live Tail session

If you start a Live Tail session, and no messages appear in 30 seconds, check to make sure that the specified Source Host, Source Category, Source Name, Source or Collector is currently generating messages.

Live Tail limitations

For information about Live Tail limitations, see Limitations.

Error: "Your query is producing too many results."

If you see the error, "Your query is producing too many results. Please add additional metadata fields to your query to make it more specific", that means that the metadata field you are searching on (_sourceCategory, _sourceHost, etc.) is too big for Live Tail to handle while providing good performance.

Modify your query to add additional metadata fields, in order to focus your search into a smaller area, and produce fewer log messages. If not, your session may be ended.

If you do make your filter more specific, and you still don't see many messages, this may be caused by the underlying metadata fields being too big.

For more information, see Filter Live Tail.