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Sumo Logic


The haversine operator returns the distance between latitude and longitude values of two coordinates in kilometers. Coordinates need to be positive or negative values based on being north/south or east/west, instead of using the terms N/S, E/W.


  • haversine(<latitude1>, <longitude1>, <latitude2>, <longitude2>) as <field>


| haversine(39.04380, -77.48790, 45.73723, -119.81143) as distanceKMs

This returns a field named distanceKMs with the value '3,512.71000'.

Return value in miles

To convert kilometers (KM) to miles you can divide the KM value by 1.609344.

| haversine(39.04380, -77.48790, 45.73723, -119.81143)/1.609344 as distanceMiles