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Sumo Logic

pct sampling

The percent sampling function, pct_sampling, finds the percentile of a given field. Multiple pct_sampling functions can be included in one query.

The pct_sampling function will return an approximate result for searches that produce large volumes of data.


  • | pct_sampling(<field> [, percentile]) [as <field>] [by <field>]
  • | pct_sampling(<field> [, percentile, percentile, percentile]) [as <field>] [by <field>]


  • Creates a field with the naming convention: _<field>_pct_<percentile>.
  • Separate multiple percent arguments in one query with commas.


* | parse "data=*" as data 
| pct_sampling(data, 95)

Sample log message:

Aug 2 04:06:08 : host= local/ssl2 notice mcpd[3772]: filesize=20454: diskutilization=0.4 : 01070638:5: Pool member monitor status down.

Example based on sample log message:

| parse "filesize=*" as filesize 
| pct_sampling(filesize, 75, 95) by _sourceHost

Running this query creates fields named _filesize_pct_75 and _filesize_pct_95.

A query can also take more multiple percent arguments, such as:

| pct_sampling(q1_delay, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90)

Running this query creates fields named _q1_delay_pct_10, _q1_delay_pct_20, _q1_delay_pct_30, ... to_q1_delay_pct_90.