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Sumo Logic

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda allows you to run code without the burden of provisioning or managing servers.
The Sumo Logic App for AWS Lambda helps you monitor the operational and performance trends in all the Lambda functions in your account. The App uses two data sources - AWS CloudWatch logs for Lambda, and CloudTrail Lambda Data Events. It allows you to:

  • View details of the functions invoked over time, including information on function names, versions, IAM user location, AWS services, and AWS regions, and details on outliers, if any.
  • Monitor the health of all Lambda functions running in your AWS account.
  • Identify the functions that are the most expensive.
  • Correlate important key performance indicators per function, such as requests, billed duration, and maximum memory.
  • Track the adoption and performance for different versions of a single function, which can help you evaluate the impact of that particular function.
  • Understand the threats with Sumo Logic CrowdStrike integration.

Log Types

The Sumo Logic App for AWS Lambda uses : 

  • AWS CloudWatch Logs. For details, see here.
  • CloudTrail Lambda Data Events. For details, see here.