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Collect Metrics for AWS Network Load Balancer App

Collect Metrics for AWS Network Load Balancer  

  • Metadata: Add an account field to the source and assign it a value which is a friendly name / alias to your AWS account from which you are collecting metrics. This name will appear in the Sumo Logic Explorer View. Metrics can be queried via the “account field”.

Field in Field Schema

Login to Sumo Logic, go to Manage Data > Logs > Fields. Search for the “networkloadbalancer” field. If not present, create it. Learn how to create and manage fields here.

Metric Rules

Create the following Metric Rule for the AWS/NetworkELB namespace if not already created. Learn how to create a Metric Rule here.

Rule 1

Rule name: AwsObservabilityNLBMetricsAddonEntityRule
Metric match expression: Namespace=AWS/NetworkELB LoadBalancer=*
Variable name: networkloadbalancer
Tag sequence: $LoadBalancer._1
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