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Amazon Route 53 Resolver Security

Amazon Route 53 Resolver Security
Use the Amazon Route 53 app to monitor and visualize DNS activity in your AWS infrastructure.

Amazon Route 53 Resolver is a highly available cloud-based DNS service from Amazon. The Sumo Logic Route 53 Resolver Security app enables you to monitor both Query Logs, and if in use, the DNS Firewall logs.

Query logging enables visibility to inbound and outbound DNS queries to the Resolver endpoint. Integrating the logs with Sumo Logic provides insights such as queries by location or instance id.

With Route 53 Resolver DNS Firewall, you can filter and regulate outbound DNS traffic for your virtual private cloud (VPC). To do this, you create reusable collections of filtering rules in DNS Firewall rule groups, associate the rule groups to your VPC. By integrating these DNS Firewall logs with Sumo Logic you can monitor VPC activity for misconfigurations and suspicious traffic.

DNS Firewall is a feature of Route 53 Resolver and doesn't require any additional Resolver setup to use.

Log Types

The Amazon Route 53 Resolver Security app uses: