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Sumo Logic

Install the Amazon SNS App and view the Dashboards

This page has instructions for installing the Sumo Logic App for AWS API Gateway and descriptions of each of the app dashboards along with associated use cases. 

Install the Sumo Logic App Edit section

Now that you have set up a collection for AWS SNS, install the Sumo Logic App to use the pre-configured dashboards that provide visibility into your environment for real-time analysis of overall usage.

To install the app:

Locate and install the app you need from the App Catalog. If you want to see a preview of the dashboards included with the app before installing, click Preview Dashboards.

  1. From the App Catalog, search for and select the app. 
  2. To install the app, click Add to Library and complete the following fields.
    1. App Name. You can retain the existing name, or enter a name of your choice for the app.
    2. Advanced. Select the Location in Library (the default is the Personal folder in the library), or click New Folder to add a new folder.
    3. Click Add to Library.

Once an app is installed, it will appear in your Personal folder, or other folder that you specified. From here, you can share it with your organization.


Amazon SNS - Overview Edit section

The  Amazon SNS - Overview dashboard provides insights across Cloudtrail events and metrics .

Use this dashboard to:

  • Monitor events by status, type, topic names and  users. 
  • Monitor number of messages and messages by publish size.
  • Monitor delivered and failed notifications. 


Amazon SNS - Audit Events 

The  Amazon SNS - Audit Events dashboard provides insights across Cloudtrail events across location, status, and topic names.

Use this dashboard to:

  • Monitor successful and failed events by location.
  • Get trends of events by status, type. 
  • Monitor successful and error events with error code in detail.
  • Get details of active topic names and users of both successful and error events.


Amazon SNS - Messages, Notifications 

The  Amazon SNS - Messages, Notifications dashboard provides insights across metrics by messages, notifications, SMS rates.

Use this dashboard to:

  • Monitor details of messages published and message size .
  • Monitor details of notifications delivered, failed , filtered out, redriven to dlq and failed to redriven to dlq.
  • Get details of SMS success rate and spends.
  • Get the details of top topic names by messages published, notifications delivered and notifications failed.
  • Compare messages published and message size by today, yesterday, last week.  
  • Compare notifications delivered and failed by today, yesterday, last week.


Amazon SNS - Threat Intel 

The  Amazon SNS - Threat Intel dashboard provides insights across threat locations, count, malicious confidence and details.

Use this dashboard to:

  • Monitor details of threat locations and count .
  • Get details of threats by malicious confidence and malicious IPs.
  • Get details of all threats by IPs.


Amazon SNS - Audit Events DetailsEdit section

The  Amazon SNS - Audit Events Details dashboard provides insights across topics, subscriptions, read only and non read only events. 

Use this dashboard to:

  • Monitor details of topics created and deleted.
  • Get all details of all subscription events.
  • Get details of all read only and non read only events.