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Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic Security Integrations for Single AWS Account

Use this solution when deploying AWS security services in a single-account environment.

The Sumo Logic AWS Security Quick Start solution helps you automate the collection of security events from AWS security services and the installation and configuration of 16 Sumo Logic apps designed for AWS Security including

  •  AWS CloudTrail
  • CIS AWS foundations Benchmark
  • Amazon GuardDuty
  • Global Intelligence for Amazon GuardDuty
  • Amazon VPC flow logs
  • PCI DSS compliance for Amazon VPC flow logs
  • Threat Intel for AWS
  • S3 audit
  • AWS Security Hub
  • AWS Config
  • Amazon CloudTrail - Cloud Security Monitoring and Analytics
  • Amazon VPC Flow - Cloud Security Monitoring and Analytics
  • Global Intelligence for AWS CloudTrail SecOps
  • AWS Network Firewall

Security Quick Start Setup Guide

This Quick Start was created in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Quick Start guides are automated reference deployments that use AWS CloudFormation templates to deploy key technologies on AWS. Click the following link to go to the guide:

Sumo Logic Security Quick Start for Single AWS Account