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IIS 10 (Legacy)

IIS 10 (Legacy)
IIS 10 App allows you to manage your Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) server operations errors, request response times, as well as visitors and traffic insights.

The IIS 10 (Legacy) App monitors the performance and reliability of your Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) infrastructure, identifying customer-facing and internal operational issues. This app also provides the ability to monitor customer paths and interactions, so you can analyze how customers are using your product. The app provides predefined searches and Dashboards, that give visibility into your environment for real-time and historical analysis.

Log Types 

IIS 10 (Legacy) App uses IIS version 10 logs. For information on the default log formats used for IIS 10 and IIS 8.5, see Collect logs for the IIS 10 (Legacy) App.

  • IIS allows you to choose fields to log in IIS access logs. For explanations on the various fields and their significance see this link.
  • For information on how to configure HTTP Error Logs, and for explanations on the various HTTP Error Log fields and their significance see this link.