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Sumo Logic

Collect Logs for Windows App

This procedure explains how to collect logs from the Microsoft Windows Event Log and ingest them into Sumo Logic. 

Windows Performance is considered a separate data type.

Log Types

Standard Windows event channels include:

  • Security
  • Application
  • System

Custom event channels, such as PowerShell or Internet Explorer are also supported.

Configure a Collector

Configure an Installed Windows collector through the user interface or from the command line.

Configure a Source

Configure either a local or remote Windows Event Log source:

Sample Log Message

instance of Win32_NTLogEvent
    Category = 13571;
    CategoryString = "MPSSVC Rule-Level Policy Change";
    ComputerName = "";
    EventCode = 4957;
    EventIdentifier = 4957;
    EventType = 5;
    InsertionStrings = {"CoreNet-IPHTTPS-In", "Core Networking - IPHTTPS (TCP-In)", "Local Port"};
    Logfile = "Security";
    Message = "Windows Firewall did not apply the following rule:

    Rule Information:
    ID: CoreNet-IPHTTPS-In
    Name: Core Networking - IPHTTPS (TCP-In)

    Error Information:
    Reason: Local Port resolved to an empty set.";
    RecordNumber = 1441653878;
    SourceName = "Microsoft-Windows-Security-Auditing";
    TimeGenerated = "20130411232352.140400-000";
    TimeWritten = "20130411232352.140400-000";
    Type = "Audit Failure";

Query Sample

Recent Policy Changes

_sourceCategory=OS/Windows "Policy Change"
| parse regex "CategoryString = \"(?<category>[^\"]+?)\";[\s\S]+?Logfile = \"Security\""
| count by category
| where category matches "*Policy Change*"