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Sumo Logic


Bitbucket is a web-based repository for source code and development projects. Bitbucket provides a web platform for the teams to plan projects, collaborate on code, test, and deploy. The Sumo Logic App for Bitbucket provides insights into project management to more effectively plan the deployments. It helps you to understand the state of deployment, builds and the issues associated with it.

The Sumo Logic App for Bitbucket provides insights to development teams into how their software delivery pipeline components are performing. The pre-configured dashboards organize issues, builds, and deployments that require the most attention.

Log Types

Sumo Logic analyzes the following required types of logs for more efficient monitoring:

Bitbucket Events

Event Type Available Events
Repository events
Issue events

Refer to the event documentation for descriptions and examples of each event payload above.

Deploy Events

Deploy events are triggered whenever code is pushed to test, staging or

production environments.

  • Success Code Deploys
  •  Failed Code Deploys