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Sumo Logic


The Sumo Logic App for Jenkins helps you monitor build successes, failures, and performance, ensuring that you know—before committing code to the repository—whether the code will work. Pre-configured dashboards provide insight into current and recent build activity,  as well as metrics showing Jenkins Master and slave health information.

Jenkins is an open source automation server that provides a simple way to set up a continuous integration or delivery environment for building and testing software. The Sumo Logic App for Jenkins helps you monitor your build processes and Jenkins master and server health via pre-configured dashboards.

The Jenkins App allows you to monitor multiple Jenkins master nodes from a single-pane of glass. The app supports freestyle and pipeline jobs as well as pipeline, maven  and multi-branch pipeline projects. 

Log and Metric Types

All logs are JSON based, with the exception of job console logs. Graphite format metrics are generated.

The Jenkins App uses the following Log Types:

  • Audit Logs - Log events related to user authentication, Jenkins system and job configuration changes and Jenkins job run events.
  • Metric Data - Log events related to metric information of Jenkins Master.
  • Periodic Logs - Log events related to Jenkins nodes, master shutdown events, jobs in progress and in queue.
  • SCM Log - Log events related to Source Control Management systems like the github repository.
  • Job Status Logs - Log events related to Jenkins jobs, test results and pipeline stages.
  • Job Console Logs - Log events related to job console logs.