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Sumo Logic

Install the JIRA App and View the Dashboards

Instructions for installing the Sumo Logic App for Jira, and descriptions of the app dashboards.

Install the Sumo Logic App

Now that you have set up collection for Jira, install the Jira app to use the pre-configured dashboards for insights into your data.

To install the app, do the following:

  1. From the App Catalog, search for and select the app. 
  2. To install the app, click Add to Library.

  3. App Name. You can retain the existing name, or enter a name of your choice for the app.

  4. Jira Server Log data source. Set Source Category to Atlassian/Jira/Server*.
  5. Jira Webhook source. Set Source Category to Atlassian/Jira/Events.
  6. Advanced. Select the Location in Library (the default is the Personal folder in the library), or click New Folder to add a new folder.
  7. Click Add to Library.

Filter with template variables 

Template variables provide dynamic dashboards that rescope data on the fly. As you apply variables to troubleshoot through your dashboard, you can view dynamic changes to the data for a fast resolution to the root cause. For more information, see the Filter with template variables help page.

Jira - Overview Dashboard

The Jira - Overview dashboard provides a high-level view of Jira activities, including the location of event authentications, login comparisons, Jira requests, errors and error trends, and data usage.

Use this dashboard to:

  • Monitor Jira activity.
  • Compare today's activity with yesterday's.


Jira - Access Dashboard

The Jira - Access dashboard provides information about Jira user access, including request trends, average response times, issues by project, response codes, and errors.

Use this dashboard to:

  • Track requests received by Jira.
  • Identify spikes in request volume.
  • Monitor current and recent data usage (bytes transferred) and HTTP response codes.
  • Drill down by a specific protocol or response codes.


Jira - Catalina Dashboard

The Jira - Catalina dashboard provides information on the Jira internal web server. Panels display analytics for errors, failures, exceptions, request trends, and top ranked URLs.

Use this dashboard to:

  • Find and debug unexpected errors in Jira.
  • Monitor the number requests received over time.


Jira - Issue Overview Dashboard

The Jira - Issue Overview dashboard provides a high-level view of Jira issue activities, so you can monitor work from creation to completion. The panels display analytics for issues that have been created, closed, reopened, and still in progress.

Use this dashboard to:

  • Understand the high-level statistics of your software delivery cycle.
  • Identify and monitor work that is in progress.
  • Determine work that is affecting, or will soon affect, software services.


Jira - Issues Details Dashboard

The Jira - Issues Details dashboard provides insights into Jira issues, showing analytics on open, closed, and reopened issues. Panels also display details on issue assignments and escalations and the average time to close issues, allowing you to prioritize and strategize issue management.

Use this dashboard to:

  • Improve the performance of your software delivery process.
  • Identify issues, components, teams, and initiatives that require the most attention.
  • Determine the time taken to close issues by different teams and users, thereby facilitating project delivery on time and on budget.


Jira - Recent Issue Changes Dashboard

The Jira - Recent Issue Changes dashboard tracks recent progress of Jira issues. You can view detailed information on the type of issue, including when it was created, its status, assignee, and a summary of the issue.

Use this dashboard to:

  • Track issues that have changed recently.
  • Monitor the progress of issues.


Jira - Security Dashboard

The Jira - Security dashboard provides information on security in Jira. The panels show analytics for the location of successful and failed logins, successful and failed logins for active users, comparisons of successful and failed logins, and session trends.

Use this dashboard to:

  • Identify the locations os Jira user authentications.
  • Identify logins from unexpected locations, then drill down for details on those logins.
  • Identify unusual patterns in failed or passed logins by comparing today's login pattern with the previous day's.


Jira - Sprints Events Dashboard

The Jira - Sprints Events dashboard provides insights on sprint events in Jira, including the number of sprint events, event trends, and sprints closed and created.

Use this dashboard to:

  • Monitor sprints in your development cycle. 
  • Track active sprints and their start and end dates.


Jira - User Events

The Jira - User Events dashboard provides information about user events in Jira, including the number of user events, trends, and users that have been updated, created, and deleted.

Use this dashboard to:

  • Monitor Jira users and their activities.
  • Identify unusual user activity and closely monitor those users.