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Sumo Logic

Collect Logs and Metrics for the Elasticsearch app

Before installing the Sumo Logic app for Elasticsearch must be set up and configured to log events.

Configuring log and metric collection for the Elasticsearch App includes the following tasks:

Step 1: Configure Fields in Sumo Logic

Create the following Fields in Sumo Logic before configuring the collection. This ensures that your logs and metrics are tagged with relevant metadata required by the app dashboards. For information on setting up fields, see the Fields help page.

If you are using Elasticsearch in a  non-Kubernetes environment create the fields:

  • component
  • environment
  • db_system
  • db_cluster
  • pod

If you are using Elasticsearch in a Kubernetes environment create the fields:

  • pod_labels_component
  • pod_labels_environment
  • pod_labels_db_system
  • pod_labels_db_cluster