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Sumo Logic


The Sumo Logic App for MySQL is a unified logs and metrics app that helps you monitor the availability, performance and resource utilization of MySQL database clusters. Preconfigured dashboards and searches provide insight into the health of your MySQL clusters, replication status, error logs, query performance, slow queries, Innodb operations, failed logins and error logs. 

The MySQL App supports following versions:

  • MySQL 5.5.35-1 and later
  • Percona MySQL 5.6.17 and later
  • MySQL 8.0.x

Log types and metrics

The Sumo Logic App for MySQL assumes the default MySQL Error log file format for error logs, and the MySQL Slow Query file format for slow query logs. For a list of metrics that are collected and used by the app, see MySQL Metrics.

  • The MySQL - Overview dashboard is based on logs from both the Error and Slow Query log formats, so as to correlate information between the two.
  • Dashboards in the Metrics folder are based on MySQL metrics.
  • Dashboards in the Logs folder are based on MySQL logs from both the Error and Slow Query log formats.
    • Dashboards based on the Error format:
      • MySQL - Error Logs
      • MySQL - Failed Logins
      • MySQL - Replication
    • Dashboard based on Slow Query format:
      • MySQL - Slow Queries
  • MySQL General Health is based on logs from the MySQL Error log format.
  • MySQL Replication is based on logs from the MySQL Error log format.
  • MySQL Slow Queries is based on logs from the MySQL Slow Queries log format.

The MySQL app dashboards dependent on error logs are based on the message types ERROR, NOTE, Warning, and Info.

For more details on the MySQL log file format, see

MySQL app searches

The predefined searches In the MySQL app are based on the following log types.

Searches based on Error logs

  • MySQL - Crash Recovery Attempts by Host
  • MySQL - Number of Replication Completion Events by Host
  • MySQL - Replication Failures by Host
  • MySQL - Server Latest Replication State
  • MySQL - Server Latest Running State
  • MySQL - Server Up-Down Events by Host

Search based on Slow Query logs

  • Slow Query Server Location. If your servers are not using private IP addresses, you can use the Slow Query Server Location search to visualize their locations on a map of the world.