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Sumo Logic

Host and Process Metrics

The Sumo Logic App for Host and Process Metrics allows you to monitor the performance and resource utilization of hosts and processes that your mission critical applications are dependent upon. Preconfigured dashboards provide insight into CPU, memory, network, file descriptors, page faults, and TCP connectors. This app uses Telegraf, an open-source, plugin-based collector for the collection of both host and process metrics data. 

This app has been validated on Linux(Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS) and  Windows (Microsoft Windows Server 2019) and higher using Telegraf 1.18.2. This app is not recommended in Kubernetes environments; instead please use the Kubernetes app.

Sample Queries

CPU Utilization by Host Panel in Host Metrics - CPU Dashboard*  cpu=cpu-total  metric=(host_cpu_usage_user OR host_cpu_usage_system OR host_cpu_usage_iowait OR host_cpu_usage_steal OR host_cpu_usage_softirq OR host_cpu_usage_irq OR host_cpu_usage_nice) | sum by

CPU Usage Panel in  Process Metrics Details Dashboard

metric=procstat_cpu_usage** | avg by, | outlier