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Choosing Between PCI Compliance Apps and PCI Compliance Professional Services App

We offer two different types of PCI apps, one type works straight out of the box, the other can be highly customized with the help of Professional Services to meet your specific needs.  Learn the differences and decide which is right for you.

You can use Sumo Logic for advanced PCI monitoring and reporting in multiple ways.  The App Catalog has several PCI Compliance Apps for specific log sources.  You can self-install the apps, use them out of the box, or modify them to fit your organization’s specific needs.  Alternately, for custom requirements or additional log sources, we offer PCI Professional Services assistance.

PCI Compliance Apps

PCI Compliance Apps for targeted log sources (Linux, Windows, Amazon VPC Flow Logs, and AWS CloudTrail) work on raw logs and provides insight into associated PCI requirements. You can install the apps to monitor Linux, Windows, and AWS Infrastructures from a PCI requirements perspective. These apps are simple, light weight, can be installed directly from the Library and are included in your Sumo Logic subscription. The apps are designed to avoid dependencies on scheduled searches, views, and FERs (Field Extraction Rules).

These apps are stand-alone and do not provide a unified view of PCI compliance.

PCI App Professional Services

The Sumo Logic Application for PCI Compliance is a framework that integrates any number of log sources from different devices and systems into a unified reporting and monitoring layer for PCI compliance purposes. This Professional Services engagement allows for dashboard customization, customer-specific requirements and scheduled searches. An experienced Sumo Logic Solutions Engineer will work with your team to understand your log sources, PCI environment and requirements. PCI App Professional Services requires a Sumo Logic Enterprise subscription (Professional subscriptions are not eligible) and additional Professional Services cost. Contact your account representative for a Professional Services cost estimate.