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Sumo Logic


The Sumo Logic App for Workday provides insights into the user account and admin activities. It provides a complete secure monitoring solution and preconfigured dashboards for visibility into login activity, user activity, and admin activity.

Workday is a cloud-based ERP system that manages the business processes and allows organizations to use a system integrated application. Workday is a coherent cloud ERP system for financial analysis, analytical solutions, HCM suites, and better business processes.

The Sumo Logic App for Workday provides insights into authentication activity, user activity, and administrator activity. The pre-configured dashboards help identify events that identify compliance and incident reporting, common security events, and real-time analysis of suspicious activities.

Log Types

The Sumo Logic App for Workday collects all logs in JSON format. It uses the following two types of logs:

  • SignOn Logs

  • Audit Logs