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Install the app for Workday and View Dashboards

This page provides instructions for installing the Sumo Logic App for Workday, as well as descriptions and examples for each of the dashboards.

This page provides instructions on how to install the Workday App, as well as examples of each of the dashboards. The App's pre-configured searches and dashboards provide easy-to-access visual insights into your data. 

Install the App

As part of this beta, the app will automatically be installed in the Sumo Logic account of your choice as part of the Admin recommended folder. 


Panels will start to fill automatically once you have configured the collection. It's important to note that each panel slowly fills with data matching the time range query and received since the panel was created. Results won't immediately be available, but with time, you'll see full graphs and maps.

Dashboard Filter with Template Variables      

Template variables provide dynamic dashboards that rescope data on the fly. As you apply variables to troubleshoot through your dashboard, you can view dynamic changes to the data for a fast resolution to the root cause. For more information, see the Filter with template variables help page.

Workday - Overview

The Workday - Overview dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of the security posture of your Workday instance. Panel identify login activity, user activity, and activity from untrusted devices or users with failed logins. It also helps you in monitoring failed logins by devices and the recent activities from untrusted devices. 

Use this dashboard to:

  • To quickly identify anomalous increases in total and failed logins.
  • Monitor recent user activities from untrusted devices and users with multiple failed login attempt to determine the extent of a potential breach.
  • Quickly identify if users are logging in from expected locations and using supported devices.

Workday - Overview.png

Workday - Login Activity

The Workday - Login Activity dashboard provides detailed insights into login summary, trends, and malicious activities. Panel also displays recent login activity and details of devices and browsers used to login to the Workday portal.

Use this dashboard to:

  • Identify login requests received from malicious remote IPs and untrusted devices.
  • Quickly identify if users are logging in from expected locations and using devices supported by your IT teams.
  • Get insight into trends around login events to determine the times of day your Workday instance is being used the most.
  • Quickly identify if there are an unusually high number of failed logins.

Wokday - Login Activity.png

Workday - User Activity

The Workday - User Activity dashboard provides detailed insight into all user activity and potential suspicious activities in your Workday instance.

Use this dashboard to:

  • Monitor if Workday tasks executed by users are according to expectations.
  • Get insights into CRUD(Create/Read/Update/Delete) and download activity Quickly identify if login and user activity are originating from known malicious IP addresses.

Workday User Activity.png

Workday - System User Activity

The Workday - System User Activity dashboard monitors the system user activities. Panels also identify all configuration changes related to domain security, business processes, security groups, and API client modules.

Use this dashboard to: 

  • Identify if key configuration changes are in line with expectations.
  • Identify changes related to permission and role assignments. 

Workday - System User Activity.png

Workday - API Activity

The Workday - API Activity dashboard gives you insight into all analytics for REST API calls and web service related authentications and monitors access attempts from known malicious IP addresses. 

Use this dashboard to:

  • Monitor API related read, write, and other activities to ensure they match the expectations.
  • Quickly identify any API requests originating from malicious IP addresses.
  • Identify if API requests are being received from devices not supported by your IT teams.

Workday API Activity.png