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Sumo Logic

Observable Networks

The Observable Networks App allows you to monitor your Observable Networks deployment from Sumo Logic. The App Overview Dashboard provides insight to high-level data about your network. 

From Sumo Logic, you may also set up forwarding for log monitoring and authentication logs to Observable Networks. With log monitoring, Observable Networks can notify you when it detects that a Collector is missing, exposing gaps in your log coverage. Authentication log forwarding allows for more accurate and detailed alerts, using Sumo Logic log data to provide extra richness to Observable's Dynamic Endpoint Modeling algorithms.

Log Types

The Sumo Logic App for Observable Networks assumes Observable Networks formatted logs, which provide one JSON message per request.

About Observable Networks

Observable Networks is a provider of network security technology and advanced threat detection services that identify compromised and misused networked devices. Observable's Dynamic Endpoint Modeling technology includes a cloud-based service platform incorporating automated security analytics and real-time traffic sensors to continuously model all devices on a network. Endpoint modeling is based on network traffic flow metadata and is indifferent to encryption. Observable makes it easy to readily understand normal and abnormal device behaviors, helping to identify compromised devices and facilitate faster remediation.

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