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Sumo Logic

PCI Compliance through Professional Services

As data security becomes increasingly paramount, enterprises may reference certifications and standards such as the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Security Standard Council Data Security Standards (known as PCI DSS) as a means of assessing their policies and practices.  Even if you don’t handle payment card information, the requirements under PCI DSS may serve as proxies for controls and obligations that businesses have in place and seek to actively monitor. 

Maintaining compliance with any regulation or law is something each entity must manage. Self-policing is always tricky, but when your organization is handling thousands upon thousands of log messages with potentially sensitive data, the task becomes monumental.

That's where the Sumo Logic PCI Application comes in. With ready-made Dashboards that monitor each aspect of PCI compliance, targeted searches that allow you to dive into specific areas, and carefully designed ad-hoc reports, your job becomes much easier. Instead of using manpower to look through millions of log lines, Sumo Logic watches over your deployment, making potential problems easy to spot.

The Sumo Logic PCI Application provides sample dashboards and searches to help track your environment against 11 of the 12 PCI required control groups.  As with all of our apps, we recommend you customize these searches and dashboards to tailor them to your specific monitoring and troubleshooting needs so you get only get alerted on conditions important to you.

How the app works

The Sumo Logic PCI Application takes log data uploaded to Sumo Logic, then indexes this data into a View. This indexing allows for quicker search results against your data. The View is used for PCI Requirement searches as well as PCI Dashboards.

One PCI-related data appears in a Dashboard, you can learn more about particular incidents. This type of forensic investigation is also expedited with the View indexing.