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Sumo Logic

Library (deprecated)

This guide contains the information for the old UI Library.

This guide contains the information for the old UI Library.

You can save, share, and manage Searches, Dashboards, Apps, and other Sumo Logic content in the Library. The Library also allows you to launch searches and Dashboards with a single click—speeding up access to the searches you find yourself running consistently. Additionally, you can use the content that others in your organization have already developed to continually discover new insights in your data.

For information on installing Sumo Logic applications from the Library, see Sumo Logic Applications.

How the Library works

The Library provides a single interface to organize and share searches and Dashboards, and install apps. The Library organizes content under the following tabs:

  • The Recent tab lists all currently running searches and any searches performed over the last three hours. Pinned Searches are also displayed under the Recent tab.
  • Favorites displays searches and Dashboards that you "favorite" to keep handy.
  • Content stored in the Personal folder is private until a user shares a search or Dashboard.
  • Content in the Org folder is shared with all users across an organization’s account.
  • The Apps folder provides Sumo Logic applications, which are out-of-the-box Dashboards, reports, saved searches, and field extraction for popular data sources that you can download and use.


  1. Creates a new folder.
  2. Search content in the Library.
  3. Click to select all.
  4. Sorts by subscribed or unsubscribed status.
  5. Sorts by published or unpublished status.
  6. Sorts by Dashboard or search.
  7. Displays apps you can install through the Library.
  8. Shows content shared by others in your organization/
  9. Displays content you've created.
  10. Displays your favorite content.
  11. Click to view Recent and Pinned searches.


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