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Favorites (deprecated)

The Favorites tab displays searches and Dashboards that you refer to frequently, or content that you want to keep handy. In the Library, on the Personal and Org tabs, you can "favorite" content to make it appear on the Favorites tab. Just click the star icon for your saved search, Dashboard, installed app, or folder, and it will be saved to the Favorites tab for easy access.

You can also favorite saved searches from the Search page, and favorite Dashboards from the Dashboards page.

Mark content as favorite in the Library

  1. Go to Library > Personal or Org.
  2. Click the star icon to the left of your search, Dashboard, app, or folder.
  3. The star turns yellow, and the item now appears on the Favorites tab. 

Perform actions on favorites:

Once content appears on the Favorites tab, if the content was created by you, you can use the Library Action Menus to perform the following actions:

  • Edit
  • Publish
  • Copy
  • Move
  • Delete
  • Info


If the content was created by another user and published, you can perform the following actions:

  • Copy
  • Info

Unfavorite content

  1. Go to Library > Favorites.
  2. Click the yellow star icon to the left of your search, Dashboard, app, or folder.
  3. A dialog displays showing that you unfavorited the item, and the item is removed from the Favorites folder.