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Sumo Logic

Closed Beta - Welcome to the new Sumo Logic UI


Welcome to the new Sumo Logic UI! We've updated the UI to improve your Sumo Logic experience. 

Key changes:

  • Introducing tabs
  • Updated navigation

If you're a current Sumo Logic user, you'll find that the navigation and some menu items have changed, but most of your working experience will be just as it was before. During the rollout period, you can use the existing UI if you want, but we encourage you to start right away with the new UI. That way you'll get used to the changes and can start realizing the benefits. 

  • To try the new UI, click Try the New UI in the upper right corner of your screen.
    ui button to new ui.png
  • To switch back to the old UI, click your name in the left nav and select Back to Classic UI.
    ui link back to classic ui.png

Getting around the new UI

Use the left nav

The menu that used to be on the top of of the UI is now on the left side (we call it the 'left nav').

Click the arrow to minimize the left nav and expand the view of the working area of the UI.

Welcome collapse arrow.png

Click the Menu icon to expand the left nav.

Welcome menu to expand.png

Work with tabs

The new UI has a flexible tab structure that allows you to keep multiple pages open and improves navigation.

When you select a page from the left nav, the page opens in a new tab.  All the tabs are shown at the top of the UI.

Tabs in the new UI

Each of these selections opens a new tab.

  • Saved search or dashboard selected from the left nav or library
  • New log search, metrics visualization or Live Tail session
  • App catalog from the left nav
  • Manage pages in the left nav
  • Account page 

You can have up to 50 tabs open at the same time. The tabs stay open until you close them by hovering over the tab and clicking the X icon.

Close Tab.png

The tabs even stay open when you sign out and sign back in again, so you can start where you left off.

Use the left and right facing arrows to move back and forth among the tabs.

Arrows to scroll through tabs

Getting things done in the new UI

With the new UI, it's easy for everyone to

And it's easy for admins to navigate to management functions:

Kick off new log searches, metrics visualization, or Live Tail sessions

It's now super easy to start working with logs or metrics. If you click the + icon in the Tabs area, you'll see these options: 

  • Log Search. Open the Search page to search logs.
  • Metrics. Open the Metrics page to create a metrics visualization.
  • Live Tail. View a real-time live feed of log events associated with a Source or Collector, which you can use as a tool for development and troubleshooting.

Show recently opened dashboards and searches

The Home icon at the top of the UI opens the Home page, where you'll see a list of recent opened dashboards and searches.

welcome to the new UI.png

Access your saved searches and dashboards 

Click the Library icon in the left nav and select Personal to list the searches and dashboards that you have saved.

left nav library icon.png

Access searches and dashboards shared by others in your org from the library

Click the Library icon in the left nav and select Org to list the searches and dashboards that others in your organization have shared with you.

left nav org library icon.png

Search for a saved search or dashboard 

Select whether to search for a personal or org entry, enter a search string, and press Return to list the matching entries.

left nav search.png

Access recently saved searches and dashboards

Click the Recent icon in the left nav.

left nav recents icon.png

Include favorites in your list of saved searches and dashboards

Click the Favorites icon in the left nav to show your list of favorites.

left nav fav icon.png

To add a search or dashboard to your favorites, hover over it in the left nav and click the Favorites icon.

left nav save fav.png

Access the app catalog

Click App Catalog in the left nav to open the app catalog.

left nav app catalog.png

Manage your account preferences

Click your name in the left nav and select Account > Preferences to manage preferences for your account

Accessing management pages (for admins only)

The left nav provides access to all the familiar management functions.

Data Setup: Manage collectors and sources, view message history and volume, manage connections, and manage data forwarding.

Data Configuration: Manage Field extraction rules, partitions, scheduled views, signatures, metrics rules, and metrics monitors.

Security: Set password policy for your org, set up security whitelist, manage access keys, manage security polices (audit index, support account access, and dashboard sharing), and set up SAML authentication.

Users and Roles: Manage users and roles.

Anomalies: View the Anomalies report.

left nav manage options.png

Managing your organization's account (for admins only)

Click your name in the left nav and select Account to view information about your organization's Sumo Logic subscription, enable and manage the data volume index, manage billing.

left nav account page.png