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Drill down to discover root causes

Learn how to drill into related content to discover the root cause of a spike of interest on a dashboard.

When you see a spike of interest on a dashboard that requires further investigation, you can easily drill into the related content to discover the root cause. This page shows you how you can easily discover related dashboards and corresponding logs searches that pertain to an issue in your environment. 

Drilling into related content

When you receive an alert about an anomaly in your environment, Sumo Logic can search your Dashboard (Beta)s and logs, and then suggest relevant log searches and dashboards to consider investigating, as well as other Explore locations with relevant content. This facilitates quickly discovering the root cause and devising a plan of action.

To discover and view related dashboard content, do the following:

  1. Log in to Sumo Logic and click + New on the top menu bar.
  2. From the drop-down menu, choose Explore


  1. Navigate to a View and dashboard. In our example, we went to the Kubernetes Node View and our Kubernetes - Cluster Overview dashboard.


  1. Select the graph data point where an anomaly occurred. We selected a failed pod in the honeycomb graph.


A list of related content links for our failed pod appears in a panel on the right.


  1. Select links from the available content types to go directly to related:
  • Logs
  • Recommended Dashboards
  • Linked Dashboards
  • Associated Explore