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Sumo Logic

AWS Metadata Tags

You can filter metrics for AWS resources using the namespaces and resource types listed here.

If you configure the CloudWatch source for metrics, Sumo will apply the tags you have assigned to resources in selected AWS services that report metrics to CloudWatch, so that you can use those tags when querying those metrics after ingestion to Sumo. Tags will also be attached to host metrics collected by host metrics sources on your EC2 instances.

In the table below, the "AWS Service" column lists the Amazon services this beta feature currently supports. The "Namespace" column  contains the AWS Namespace you can use in queries for each service. 

AWS Service Namespace Resource Type
API Gateway AWS/ApiGateway Stage
Elastic Load Balancing AWS/ApplicationELB  loadbalancer, targetgroup
Amazon DynamoDB AWS/DynamoDB table
Amazon Elastic Block Store AWS/EBS volume
Amazon EC2  AWS/EC2 instance, image
Amazon Elastic File System AWS/EFS file-system
Amazon ElastiCache AWS/ElastiCache cluster
Elastic Load Balancing AWS/ELB loadbalancer
Amazon Elasticsearch Service AWS/ES domain
AWS Lambda AWS/Lambda function
Amazon RDS AWS/RDS db, cluster
Amazon Redshift AWS/Redshift cluster
Amazon S3 AWS/S3 bucket
Amazon SimpleQueueService AWS/SQS queue
AWS/WorkSpaces AWS/WorkSpaces workspace