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Sumo Logic

Beta - Define Metrics Rules

Follow these steps to define metric rules for metric visualization. For more on metrics rules, see About Metric Rules.

  1. Choose Manage > Metric Rules in the Web Application.
  2. Click the + icon to add a new rule.
    Manage Metrics Rules.png
  3. Add a query that reflects the metric structure for your organization.
  4. Assign values to match.
    For example, the following figure shows how to configure this rule:
    From: prod.*.*.** extract: cluster=$_raw._1 instance=$_raw._2 what=$_raw._3
  5. If there are matching time series, they are displayed in the Preview area on the page.
    Add Metrics Rule.png

After defining metric rules, you can do the following on the Metric Rules page:

  • Click + to add additional rules.
  • Use the page controls at the bottom of the page to page through multi-page lists of rules.
  • Enter text in the Filter area to filter the list of rules. 
  • Click the Edit icon to edit a rule.
  • Click the Delete icon to delete a rule.