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Sumo Logic

Claim an Investigation

How to claim an unassigned investigation.

Unassigned investigations are listed in the Burndowns view of the Burndown tab, in high-to-low priority order. 

For a detailed description of the information and controls in the Burndown tab, see Burndown tab.

To claim an investigation and assign it to yourself

  1. Open the Burndown tab, and select Burndowns. The page lists investigations created on or after the currently selected date that have not yet been assigned to an analyst. Investigations are ordered by Severity, from high to low. As necessary, use the date control to display investigations starting from a different creation date.
  2. To claim an investigation, click any blue link value in the Alert column. Investigation Workflow changes the status of investigation to Open, and make you the assignee.
  3. After you click a link value in a factor to claim an investigation, Investigation Workflow opens the investigation in the Investigation tab.